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About San Antonio Equity Partners

San Antonio Equity Partners is a premier real estate firm that specializes in the acquisition of below market properties in emerging markets in throughout the United States.  What makes us unique is our long term relationships with banks and investors.   We invest in real estate that produces safe, secure, and profitable returns.

To accomplish company goals,  our alliances are informed quickly utilizing the most recent technology about the real estate deals .   We capitalize on the experience of our partners and focus on relational capital in each market which result in strong business alliances.   To get the most knowledgeable partners involved , we negotiate a share of the deals with positive outcomes for all partners.   This strategy results in bargains for our partners and places us on the forefront of changes and shifts in each market.

Current global, national, and local economic factors are considered prior to for each real estate acquisition.     Purchases we make must  have “Mathematical Sense” and “Common Sense”.   A complete analysis of risks are applied to each deal that are realistic for each type of investment prior to purchase.    Understanding projections and potential outcomes is our forte.

We offer quick closing by utilizing cash or creative funding depending on the nature of the transaction. Creativity is one of the many reasons for our success.   This creativity has resulted in large tax savings for our clients by utilizing the simple “1031 Exchange” strategy in deferring taxes as they build wealth.  Creativity also helps us find other solutions for unique  real estate transactions that demand we problem solve.

Our focus is not simple immediate returns, but long term sustainable relationships with our partners.  The solid foundation of these relationships are built on communication and clarity of each deal.

You can count on three things:

  1. All contracts will be in writing.
  2. We will be honest even when you are not looking.
  3. We believe in loyalty and you will not be excluded when you refer us a deal.  We take care of our partners.


There are four divisions of this company which include real estate valuation, sales,  all type of real estate investments, and mobile signing services.  Each of these divisions where intentionally established to support and strengthen the company for long term success.   The scope of work for each division is unique, facilitates business growth and efficiency, and supports the passion of our hearts.

About Our Team

San Antonio Equity Partners brings together a team of highly skilled and professionals in real estate that have over thirty years of experience.  The power team consists of attorneys, accountants, advisors, mentors, and coaches that produce results and are easily accessible.

About the Senior Managing Partner

Charles and Sara Tolvanens’ careers have encompassed all aspects of real estate valuation, sales, investing, the management and construction of all types of properties ,and negotiating government contracts.

charlie-tolvanenCharles Tolvanen holds a Texas Salesman License since 2004 and has listed over 235 government acquired properties in the past two years.  He is the president/owner of Fringe, Inc which manages and rehabs real estate and he has completed over 800 loan package signings over the past three years for various lenders as a mobile signing agent.

Charles was a software engineer working on governments projects for Aerospace companies like Grumman, General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing Aerospace from 1982 – 2007.   At Boeing, he received several awards for outstanding performance.  Charles became proficient in real estate negotiations after studying real estate and experiencing real life investing part time.

Giving back to the community includes the support of local high school FFA Organization because their mission to encourage premier leadership,  personal growth, and career success through agriculture education.  While in software design he donated time to a local Adopt-An-Angel Christmas program for the tracking of children’s gifts.

Currently, Charles is responsible for negotiating deals, selecting investment opportunities, strategic planning, and meeting with associates.

Sara Tolvanen holds a Texas General Certified Appraisal License and has been in real estate valuation since 1982.   After sara-tolvanenreceiving a Masters Degree from Mays Business School in Land Economics and Real Estate at Texas A & M University in College Station, she has remained active in all aspects of real estate.  The benefit of applying valuation theories to real life transactions is profitable.  Experience and education are the edge she brings to the company transactions.

Wanting to give back to others pursuing real estate knowledge and real estate dreams, she is on staff at San Antonio College which is the oldest college in San Antonio and known for their excellence in undergraduate real estate education.   She has also been asked to guest speak at the University of Texas at San Antonio business department as an expert in her field.

In 1989, she was awarded the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute after being mentored in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Experience was gained in all types of valuation including corporate relocation, rural, right-of-way takings, commercial, industrial, and residential assignments.   In 1992, Patten Diversified Services, Inc was developed to complete all types of valuation assignments which included  mortgage loans valuation for conventional, FHA, and VA, estate settlement, portfolio management, and feasibility studies for proposed projects.   Being called as a expert witness for a Federal District Court Case was a highlight of the valuation career as the case prevailed for the client involved.

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Charlie & Steven Bradbury      Charlie & Jack Welch                Charlie & Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Sara & George Ross

Sara-with-Steven-Bradbury       With-JT-Foxx-and-Kathy-Ireland       With-JT-Foxx-and-Michael-Eisner

Sara & Steven Bradbury   Sara & Charlie w/ Kathy Ireland   Sara & Charlie w/ Michael Eisner

With-JT-Foxx-and-Phill-Grove       At-Mega-Partnering-6       With-Roger

Sara, Charlie & Phill Grove       Sara, Charlie & JT Foxx             Sara w/ Roger Bryan

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Charlie & Bruce Buffer              Charlie & George Ross              Charlie & Michael Irvin

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Charlie & Wayne Allen Root    Charlie & Donna Karan            Charlie & Bruce Buffer

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Charlie & Billy Sekane              Charlie & Raymond Aaron       Charlie & Steve Chen

Dr. Werner Barkuizen       Harry Dent       Harry Reid

Sara & Dr. Werner Barkuizen  Charlie, Sara & Harry Dent     Charlie, Sara & Harry Reid

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Charlie, Sara & Hugh Hilton   Charlie & Michael Irvin           Charlie, Sara & LA former Mayor Richard Riordan

Mike Ellersen and Charlie       Mike Ellersen and Sara       Randi and Sara

Charlie & Mike Ellersen            Sara & Mike Ellersen                Randi Zuckerberg & Sara

Randi Zuckerberg Charlie       Raymond Aaron and Sara       Sara and Arnold

Randi Zuckerberg & Charlie   Sara & Raymond Aaron             Sara & Arnold Swarzenegger

Sara and Donna Karan       Sara and Steve Chen       Sara and Wayne

Sara & Donna Karan                  Sara & Steve Chen                      Sara & Wayne Allyn Root

Taylor Hicks       Sara Charlie and Nido        Valdez and Charlie

Sara, Charlie & Taylor Hicks  Sara, Charlie & Nido Qubein      Charlie & George Valdez

Charlie-with-Al-Pacino       Alex Mandossian and Charlie       Charlie & Alex Humpage

Sara & George Valdez      Charlie & Sylvestore Stallone                Charlie & Wayne Allyn Root

Charlie-with-Al-Pacino       Alex Mandossian and Charlie       Charlie & Alex Humpage

Charlie & Al Pacino      Charlie & Alex Mandossian                Charlie & Alex Humpage

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Charlie & Damien Elston      Charlie & George Ross                Charlie & Lori Taylor

Charlie-with-Randi-zuckerberg       Jack Welch and John Travolta       Charlie-and-Fredrik-Eklund

Charlie & Randi Zuckerberg      Charlie & John Travolta                Charlie & Fredrik Eklund

Charlie-with-calvin-klein       Charlie and 50 Cent       Charlie-and-Fredrik-Eklund

Charlie & Calvin Klein      Charlie & 50 Cent                Sara & Calvin Klein

Charlie-with-calvin-klein       Charlie and 50 Cent       Charlie-and-Fredrik-Eklund

Sara & Calvin Klein      Sara & John Travolta               Sara & Fredrik Eklund


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